advanced-smoke - Smoke Web Tests for node, cli and VSTS

Over the weekend I wrote a small node library for smoke web tests called advanced-smoke and published my first public VSTS extension for it.

The source for both is available on github: node-advanced-smoke vsts-advanced-smoke. Both are written in TypeScript.

advanced-smoke for the cli

> npm i -g advanced-smoke
> advanced-smoke.cmd
[Advanced Smoke]: initialize smoke test
[Advanced Smoke]: testing url
[Advanced Smoke]: SUCCESS: received status code 200, expected 200
[Advanced Smoke]: testing url
[Advanced Smoke]: SUCCESS: received status code 200, expected 200

inline help

> advanced-smoke --help
Usage: advanced-smoke.js <url> [<url2> <url3> ...] [options]

  --version                  Show version number                       [boolean]
  --status, -s               HTTP status to validate     [number] [default: 200]
  --method, -m               HTTP method               [string] [default: "GET"]
  --headers                  Headers to send
                             Use value                    [array]
  --timeout, -t              Timeout                                    [number]
  --resolveWithFullResponse  Full request or just head [boolean] [default: true]
  --noExitCode, --ne         Doesn't exit the process [boolean] [default: false]
  --strictSSL                Whether SSL certificates are required to be valid
                                                       [boolean] [default: true]
  --proxy, -p                Proxy server to use for the request.
                             HTTP(S)_PROXY, NO_PROXY and ADVANCED_SMOKE_PROXY
                             environment variables are also supported   [string]
  -h, --help                 Show help                                 [boolean]

advanced-smoke for node

Here is a simple example how to use the library in node.


yarn add advanced-smoke


npm i --save advanced-smoke

Usage in TypeScript

import * as smoke from "advanced-smoke";

async function run()
    const res = await smoke.smokeTest({
        url: ",
        status: 200,
        method: "GET,
        resolveWithFullResponse: true

    console.log(res ? "success" : "fail");


advanced-smoke for VSTS

with multiple urls


every option available under the Advanced tab


additional feature: retry

The VSTS task offers the option for retries (with configurable delay), so you can account for warm up times if used directly after deployment. The task should only fail if even the last retry has failed smoke tests.

that was my coding weekend

I hope anyone will find this useful. I would love to hear from you if you try it, ping me on twitter @petersendev. I will also happily accept pull request on github.

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